I am your friendly neighborhood Game Developer. My master plan is to save the world from boredom- one game at a time. I am a Software Development graduate loves to explore new ideas and is obsessed with game-feel and mechanics. I want to make players feel cool playing my games. 

When I'm not creating QUALITY CODE and STUFF for games I can usually be found cooking pizza or hanging out with my wife. I hope you enjoy my work- feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to chat!


I love creating games that I would love to play. I'm always experimenting with new concepts and ideas. Below you can view some of the projects I've worked on!


Feel free to contact me about ANYTHING. Seriously.
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Comet Cruiser is an retro aesthetic arcade game inspired by classic games of the past and the feeling of playing games past your bedtime. It was a lot of fun creating this game. I created all of the art/ sound effects, and programmed the game using Unity.

Some standout features include addicting "one more time" gameplay, a store to unlock different ships using in-game points, and high scores.

Play COMET CRUISER on itch.io!


Rave Boss is a game where you play as a low-level MMO boss who dreams of being a world-famous EDM DJ. Face waves of "players" and show everyone that you have more power than expected!

The other members of Juice Squad Games and myself created this game for the Seattle Indies 2019 Game Jam in Seattle. I was the only programmer and focused on developing mechanics and systems for the game. There is a lot of really cool features such as a chat-box to witness how much rage you are causing the "players." The music is also dynamic and impacts the visuals of the game. I had a lot of fun adding JUICE and GAME FEEL to this game!

Play RAVE BOSS on itch.io!


Welcome to the Island is a game I worked on for Global Game Jam 2019. I mainly worked on programming the dialogue system, UI, and the day/night cycle. I also created the music for the game.

The project was created using the Godot game engine with GDScript. This was a very collaborative project- I had a lot of fun working with my team and learned a lot about the importance of controlling the scope of a project and working with tight deadlines. It was also my first time using Godot and GDScript so it was a fun challenge to learn something new in a quick-paced situation. We acomplished a lot in 48 hours and I'm very proud of the team. Also this game has a cat that follows you around which is really cool.


THE UNDEAD have come to destroy the NORTH POLE! The last line of defense is SANTA and his friends. Can you save Christmas?

This is a 2D Platformer with Tower-Defense influences. Build up your defenses and see how many waves of enemies you can destroy!

Currently this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. The current plan is to release this project Holiday Season 2020.

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Meta Pet is a fun, silly self-aware pet game inspired by games of the past such as Tamagotchi. Name your pet and interact with it! Your pet will react and talk to you depending on how you choose to interact with it.

I created all of the art and sound. This app was developed using Java, XML and data is recorded using an SQL Room Database. I had a lot of fun creating this game and I plan to eventually recreate the app in Unity in order to implement new concepts and ideas I have for the game.

Download META PET on Google Play!